Janoson Consulting 
      Comprehensive Psychological and 
  Consulting Services 

  • Psychological evaluations of children who may be at risk for or diagnosed as having a developmental and/or neurological disability that may impact their behavior and learning potential (e.g., ADHD, Autism, PDD-NOS,  Aspberger's, Learning Disabilties, and Processing Disorders).

  • ABA/Behavioral Intervention services for children with autism and other special needs.

  • Guidance to help develop an action plan for your child's future, including strategies for explaining your rights, creating the optimal educational and behavioral plans, and preparation for meeting with county and/or school district personnel (i.e., EI, CPSE, and CSE meetings).

  • Counseling and therapy for children, teens and adults.

  • Forensic Psychology services for assistance with any legal matter, including civil, personal injury, and criminal issues.

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