Our Professionals
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Marc Janoson, Ph. D.

Dr. Janoson is a licensed psychologist who has specialized in psychological assessment for over thirty years. In addition to his extensive clinical psychology experience, Dr. Janoson is a recognized expert in the use of objective psychological assessment tools.

Dr. Janoson has vast experience with all standardized tests used and accepted by County Departments of Health and School District personnel such as the WIAT-2, WISC-4, Vineland Adaptive Scales, Connors and Carrs Rating Scales, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Stanford-Binet, ADOS, and Bayley Scales assessment tools.

Dr. Janoson has worked with children both privately and in high-needs locations such as the NYU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics; New York City Human Resources, Special Services for Children; and New York State Department of Social Services.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Janoson is a published reviewer of standardized tests in the Buros Mental Measurement Reviews, the recognized authority that provides professional assistance, expertise, and information to users of commercially published tests. He also has personal experience with special needs children – his daughter was diagnosed at two years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his son with ADHD at age five.
Estrea Dworkin Janoson, MS Ed BCBA LBA

Estrea Janoson is a licensed board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and is a certified special education teacher with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education. She currently consults in the New Hyde Park - Garden City Park School District in Nassau County, NY. She also supervises the implementation of ABA programs for children from infancy to adolescence. 

Since 2005, Estrea has successfully helped many children with Autism, PDD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities succeed in school and in the home and community settings. She also consults with their parents providing them with the strategies they need to help their children optimize their learning potential.

Estrea also has a personal understanding of the education requirements of special needs children, especially those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Estrea is the mother of sixteen year old twins – Lara, who has Autism Spectrum Disordder and Apraxia and, Justin, who has ADD. Both are doing wonderfully thanks to the education they have received from the talented teachers who have worked with them over the years.